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Global warming can still be mitigated.
Our actions will define how much.

According to the IPCC we have to reach global carbon neutrality by 2050 to have decent future. This is now. We are decades-late for action, but we could still mitigate the problem enough to adapt.

Digital is physical, not virtual

Coal power plant illustration
As such, it has an impact on climate change:
it's about 4% of world's greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, up to 8% in 2025*

Digging illustration
As such, it has an impact on populations, the environment and the depletion of mining resources.

All sectors of the economy have to change,
digital is no exception.

ICT has to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions
by 45% to match Paris agreements.


The transparency manifesto

It starts with having real data about impact.
Estimations are not enough.
Data and clarity lead to action.
Beyond climate change, bottom-up transparency is key to measure digital social and environmental impact.
At Hubblo, we enable organizations to get data that is continuous,
relevant, and actionable
to shrink their negative impact.

We aim for root causes.
Reducing GHG emissions at the source,
not offsetting.
Sharing progress with data coming from open-source tooling and methods,
not greenwashing.
Extending our knowledge and capacities,
building on it and sharing our progress so that other organizations can improve too,
not keeping knowledge for ourselves.