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Who is it for ?

Cloud providers

Reduce the energy consumption of your infrastructure or provide to your clients the power consumption and climate impact
of their usage.

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On premise

Organizations with on-premise infrastructures: get insights to
guide your decisions and reduce the power consumption of your infrastructure.

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What does our guidance look like ?

We integrate and adapt open-source solutions to build decision-making tools.

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We guide you through 5 steps to enable you achieve significantly reduce your impact and continuously improve.

Drawing of a roadmap

Define scope and objectives.

Whether it's to have a direct action with measurable results to reduce your impact or integrate real and automatically gathered data in your LCAs scope 2, we define together the steps of our action.

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Hands on your first metrics.

We train you and work with you to deploy a minimum viable setup to gather the first key metrics to drive action. We rely either on a full open-source implementation or integrated with your in-house monitoring and data analysis solutions.

At this stage, we can set impact reduction goals.

Drawing of a target

Identify actions. Redesign digital services.

We help you re-design your services, using both sustainability and site reliability principles, to match impact reduction goals.

Illustration of continuous deployment

Refactor and redeploy services.

We help you re-deploy your services to reduce their impact. We implement adequate automation and DevOps principles to enable continuous improvement of your services, based on the data you retrieved.

Illustration of a network

Join the movement of sustainable tech.

Real data and open-source software lead to transparent action.
We rely on transparency, modesty and honnesty as the new norm to drive the tech industry to change.
By driving your organization to this process you become a change maker and get connected to an ecosystem of peers.

Let's define your action plan

Core principles

Transparency being our mantra, open-source is our way.

We openly share and collaborate on the tools we use to give you relevant data and help you take wise decisions.

DevOps and SRE methods have proved to be highly efficient regarding business and client-satisfaction.
We use them to get back on a sustainable path.

Conceptual representation of a continuous decision-making pipeline for sustainability.