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Open-source at Hubblo

Hubblo creates and contributes to open-source solutions to deploy transparency at every layer of the digital industry.

Open-source is an important part of our mindset. We believe that sharing knowledge freely and without restriction is a cornerstone of mankind progress, meaning innovation for the common good.
You can't know if climate commitments are trustworthy if you can't see how the measurment and calculations are made.

Facing climate change, biodiversity decline and the other huge challenges of this century can only be done by sharing and progressing together.

For that matter, we share publicly every step, method, ressources we have and of course software we write, under open-source or creative commons licenses.

Here are some on-going projects we are working on.

Scaphandre : measure servers power consumption

Scaphandre logo
Scaphandre is a power consumption monitoring agent designed to easily fit in an existing monitoring toolchain. It has a close-to-zero overhead both in terms of power, resources and time comsumption.

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