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Why does Hubblo exist ?

According to the IPCC, we need to reach global carbon neutrality by 2050 to have a chance to not increase the average temperature on the planet, more than 1.5 Celsius degrees by the end of 2100.

According to some experts that objective is already unreachable. We could still limit global warming to 2 Celsius degrees by 2100, but we are already late for that target.

This is now. We are decades-late to think about a bright future. We can still lower the damages and enable mankind to recover and adapt, this is now or never.

Temperature anomaly graph, from Our World in Data
Our World in Data

To reach that goal, all sectors of the economy have to change deeply, there is no silver bullet. The digital sector, is no exception.

It represents about 4% of the greenhouse gas emissions on the planet in 2020 and could reach 8% by 2025 if nothing is changed.

A huge part of that is due to the number of digital devices manufactured, used and thrown: about 1.5 billion smartphones are sold every year !

Another reason for that is the way the digital online services are designed. First, they are made to fit the latest digital devices on the market, which contributes to push millions of devices to the garbage (recycling is litterally still a myth).

Those services also consume a lot of energy.

Datacenters consume between 200TWh to 500TWh per year, depending on estimates.

You have noticed the huge gap between those estimates. We need bottom-up measurements at a large scale and not only top-down estimates, this is part of Hubblo's mission.

Last but no least, this power consumption could be tripled by 2030 (due to a potential end of power efficiency optimizations effects).

Power consumptions of datacenters 2020-2030, by Anders S.G. Andrae, Huawei Technologies
Anders S.G. Andrae, Huawei Technologies

At hubblo we aim to put transparency at the core of digital services and policies. We use open-source software technologies to get relevant data and identify the best levers to reduce your impact, both in term of power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Let's discuss about your plan to change.