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Transparency as a gamechanger for sustainability

Measure, understand and shrink
the climate and environmental impact
of your digital services.

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Open-source for transparency

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Scaphandre: power consumption monitoring agent for your digital services

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Measuring digital services impact is hard

Year after year tech stacks become more complex to deliver business value,
making it more and more abstract.

Because of this complexity,
organizations have to collect data manually to measure the impact of their tech services.
It takes time, money and
doesn't drive to proactivity.

We believe in continuous improvement.

Leverage decision-making loops

Graphical representation of a decision making pipeline.

Data leads to action. Action leads to data.
We help you build such a
feeback-to-action loop.


Enabling digital efficiency

We build open-source softwares to
measure and understand
the climate impact of your tech services.

From understanding comes levers to
free up resources and shrink your impact
on climate, through a lower number of machines, a lower power consumption...

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We guide you to identify those levers and help redesign and rebuild your services
and infrastructures.

We help you create
decision-making helpers based on our
open-source expertise.

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